Over the course of several weeks, the marketing strategy achieved significant growth and exceeded the leading brand in organic search immediately following the initial weeks of the campaign launch.

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"Tabechoku" is a marketplace specialized for high quality, fresh vegetables/fruits/meat/fish where people can buy from farmers or fishermen directly. Tabechoku had achieved steady growth through its value proposition to enjoy delicious ingredients at home. Moreover, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the need to enjoy high quality food at home increased even further. There was a huge opportunity to grow Tabechoku by communicating its unique value over the competition to fully capture the momentum.


Through deep consumer analysis, we identified the unique value “fresh and delicious ingredients by buying directly from producers of fresh produce”. Next, the process was to identify the best creative director who could develop a communication idea that vividly and intuitively delivers the strategic message in 15sec.  Despite a very short lead time, we identified a strong creative director that would not just create marketing buzz, but deliver the strategic message effectively and execute the video assets with excellence, which is very rare in Japan. This increased the effectiveness of the mass marketing plan by a multiple of 3-5 times vs. a typical advertisement.


Organic search results for Tabechoku exceeded not just startup competitors, but giant delivery services which have been operating in the market for years before Tabechoku. This significant jump in organic search happened immediately after the launch of the campaign and lasted for multiple weeks.





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