Building and scaling great products to global customers.

We are a boutique advisory firm and startup studio. At Bloom&Co., we strive to achieve impact by tackling difficult challenges and solving problems for customers. To that end, we partner with leading startups and corporates to help them deliver winning concepts in new markets. We work across global consumers, businesses, markets, cultures and languages, developing and marketing new products and services. Once we have developed a winning value proposition and product-market fit, we drive growth for our clients through hands-on execution support as an extension of their executive team.

Our fundamental approach is to begin with a deep understanding of customers and target markets in which our clients and partners operate. Through quantitative and qualitative research, we develop a winning product and value proposition for the target audience. From there, we work to launch new products and services in new markets and deliver scalable growth. Moreover, we support our clients to develop new capabilities in-house that enable them to continue to grow over the medium to long-term.

Enabling growth and global impact.

Our core business focuses on 5 key pillars to deliver winning products and services.
1. Marketing: Understand customers, create and deliver better products and services.
2. Technology: Deliver innovative and scalable products to global customers.
3. Finance: Accelerate business growth through effective fundraising.
4. Globalization: We work across global consumers, businesses, markets, cultures and languages.
5. Capability building: Acquire the necessary skills to enable sustainable growth.

Bloom&Co.'s Promise

1. We deliver better products to more people based on customer understanding.
2. We leverage technology to enable scalable growth.
3. We accelerate growth with strategic finance.
4. We will enrich more people through globalization.
5. We support sustainable business growth by building in-house capabilities.

Company Profile

Bloom & Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2015
Employees: 27 Employees

Business Overview
Support Business
Own Business
Investment Business

Affiliated Companies
Bloom&Co. East, Pte. Ltd.
laboratory Co., Ltd.
rooftop Co., Ltd.
M-Force Co., Ltd.
CyberAgent Strategy Co., Ltd.

About Recruitment

Bloom&Co. is hiring all year round.

We are looking for those that are passionate about leveraging their talents to support startups and enterprises on their biggest customer challenges.

Basic Policy on Information Security

Version 1, 2021-05-01

Yasuhiro Yano, CEO Bloom&Co.

We, Bloom&Co. considers that it is our mission to contribute to society by meeting the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and their families, through consulting and service provision. In our business activities, we utilize  information assets including personal information provided by our customers, and we recognize that our top-priority management issue is protecting these information assets in order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Therefore, we have established the basic policy on information security, and hereby declare that we will establish and operate an ISMS (Information Security Management System) based on this basic policy, and that we will make company-wide efforts for continuous improvement to meet the changes in the environment surrounding our company.

  • Respect and comply with customer contracts and legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Prevent information security incidents before they occur.
  • Minimize the impact in the unlikely event of an information security incident.



Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23F, Bloom&Co.Toranomon 4-1-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6923, Japan


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