Accelerate growth with customer-driven strategies

Since our founding, we’ve supported over 100 firms with their strategic growth initiatives.

We partner with local and global firms to develop customer-driven strategies to deliver results in Japan.

About Bloom&Co.

About Bloom&Co.

Bloom&Co. is a boutique advisory firm and startup studio that offers services across several specialities including Research, Strategy Development, Marketing, PR, Go-to-Market, UI / UX Design, Technology and Finance. Bloom&Co. was founded in 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. We also offer market entry services for growth-stage firms from overseas.

Our past clients include venture capital backed startups from Silicon Valley and Asia, and publicly listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan. Our team has experience from top tier companies including Amazon, Facebook, P&G, DeNA and Mercari. We also have partnerships with leading firms across the creative, digital/mass media, market research and PR industries in Japan to deliver end-to-end execution support to our clients.

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We partner with your team and provide hands-on support to deliver customer growth in your target markets.

Partnership for Growth

Bloom&Co. works with executive management teams and investors to develop a thorough understanding of business goals, priorities and challenges, before developing a comprehensive strategy and action plan to deliver the result in-market. Leveraging our experienced executive talent and expert network, we assemble the optimal team to tackle your critical business challenges. From market entry to developing growth tactics and launching strategic marketing campaigns, we can support your business throughout all phases of growth. Moreover, we offer dedicated services to support your business needs across key functional areas.

How we work

  • Bloom&Co. partners with you and operates as an extension of your executive team to drive growth strategy and execution. 
  • We provide on-the-job training to enable your marketing team to be successful in your target markets.
  • We drive your business through data and research rather than subjective opinion.
  • Our team enables you to develop products with market-driven insights rather than pushing products to the customer.
  • We combine theory and practice from over 20 years of industry experience with startups and enterprises in Japan to deliver sustainable revenue growth.


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Yasuhiro Yano

Bloom&Co. CEO

Graduated from university in U.S. In charge of brand marketing at P&G in Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, etc. for about 9 years. Coordinating marketing strategy development and execution with multinational team members in Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. Joined DeNA in 2012. As Executive Officer, Head of Marketing Division, oversees company-wide marketing activities, including mobile game business, e-commerce business, new business, sports business, and corporate branding reform. Bloom&Co. was established in April 2015. Won the CNET Japan CMO Award 2014. Speakers at Ad Tech Tokyo, Google Think, Play with Twitter, etc. KDDI ∞ Labo Outside advisor, VRize advisor, “Start” mentor sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, startup support sponsored by Dentsu GRASSHOPPER advisor (marketing)

Mayu Arao

Bloom&Co. East, Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Vice President

Mayu graduated from Keio University and joined P&G Japan in 2000, where she became an expert on brand building and strategy development leveraging consumer and market insights. Based in two offices in Japan and Singapore, Mayu has experience across multiple global markets including Southeast Asia, China, India and the United States. Mayu’s experience covers a wide range of product categories from prestige skincare to sachet soap for low-income markets. She has served as an executive for P&G Japan, leading the analytics and insights team, and more recently as Global Vice President leading innovation for SK-II, one of the world’s largest global prestige skincare brands. Most recently, she was Vice-President of the SK-II Japan business, running one of the biggest markets for SK-II globally.

Kazuki Murakami

Bloom&Co., Director CFO
Mercari, CFO Office Director
Procter & Gamble, Finance Director

After graduating from Keio University, worked for P&G before assuming his current position. In P&G, he has been involved in numerous finance and corporate activities for 18 years, and has experience in marketing and sales planning. In finance and corporate positions, in addition to business strategy and corporate planning positions, he is engaged in a wide range of operations in five countries around the world such as cash management, M&A, PMI, and new business startup. Most recently, served as CFO of P&G Australia and Vietnam, and CFO of Global Prestige Skin Care Division. At the current position of Mercari, as head of the CFO Office, engaged in M&A/investment, capital policy, special missions such as financing, and head of Investors Relationship.

Tasuku Cho

M-Force, CEO / Bloom&Co., Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Executive Officer

Joined P&G after graduating from Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo in 2001. Led product/concept research in new product development across Asia. As brand manager, led brand management in a wide range of categories such as Gillette, P&G Professionals, Joy, Maxfactor, SK-II, BRAUN, Oral-B. As business manager of P&G Japan's cosmetics category, he led the transformation of SK-II's marketing model, and rapidly grew the stagnant business for four years. After assuming the position of executive officer of P&G Japan, promoted the transformation of the business model as a business representative of the home appliances business centered on BRAUN.

Yuichiro Masui

Bloom&Co., Director CTO
Toreta, Inc, Co-founder
Miil, Inc, Co-founder
BigCanvas, Inc, Co-founder

Founded a web production company in 1999 while studying at university. After working as a freelance engineer, he moved to the United States in 2008 and founded Big Canvas, Inc. in Seattle. Released the world's first photo sharing SNS iPhone app. Founded Present Mile Co., Ltd. in 2011 and Treta Co., Ltd. in 2013. Participated in Bloom & Co. in July 2019. He is the author of several books such as "The Ruby Technician Certification Examination Textbook Silver/Gold Ruby Official Qualification Textbook".

Nobu Takenaka

Bloom&Co., Marketing Director
QUANTUM, Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Brand Manager

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. Joined P&G. After developing new products and advertising for Fabry's North American, Japanese and ASEAN markets as a brand manager in Kobe and Singapore, BtoB new business for North America as QUANTUM Inc. Marketing Director (Tokyo, Silicon Valley) Participated in Bloom&Co. after marketing. At Bloom&Co., he works as a marketing advisory for growth branding product development in a wide range of industries such as BtoB SaaS, FinTech, automobile, FMCG, and BtoC application. Research Fellow, Kyushu University (concurrent post)

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Unique services to support sustainable growth

We develop tools and services for our customers that help to deliver sustainable growth over the medium to long-term, enabling clients to build their own capabilities that last beyond our initial engagement.



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