Yasuhiro Yano

Bloom&Co. CEO

Graduated from university in U.S. In charge of brand marketing at P&G in Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, etc. for about 9 years. Coordinating marketing strategy development and execution with multinational team members in Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. Joined DeNA in 2012. As Executive Officer, Head of Marketing Division, oversees company-wide marketing activities, including mobile game business, e-commerce business, new business, sports business, and corporate branding reform. Bloom&Co. was established in April 2015. Won the CNET Japan CMO Award 2014. Speakers at Ad Tech Tokyo, Google Think, Play with Twitter, etc. KDDI ∞ Labo Outside advisor, VRize advisor, “Start” mentor sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, startup support sponsored by Dentsu GRASSHOPPER advisor (marketing)

Kazuki Murakami

Procter & Gamble, Finance Director
Mercari, CFO Office Director
Bloom&Co. CFO

After graduating from Keio University, worked for P&G before assuming his current position. In P&G, he has been involved in numerous finance and corporate activities for 18 years, and has experience in marketing and sales planning. In finance and corporate positions, in addition to business strategy and corporate planning positions, he is engaged in a wide range of operations in five countries around the world such as cash management, M&A, PMI, and new business startup. Most recently, served as CFO of P&G Australia and Vietnam, and CFO of Global Prestage Skin Care Division. At the current position of Mercari, as head of the CFO Office, engaged in M&A/investment, capital policy, special missions such as financing, and head of Investors Relationship.

Tasuku Cho

M-Force, CEO / Bloom&Co., Director
Procter & Gamble, Executive Officer

Joined P&G after graduating from Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo in 2001. Led product/concept research in new product development across Asia. As brand manager, led brand management in a wide range of categories such as Gillette, P&G Professionals, Joy, Maxfactor, SK-II, BRAUN, Oral-B. As business manager of P&G Japan's cosmetics category, he led the transformation of SK-II's marketing model, and rapidly grew the stagnant business for four years. After assuming the position of executive officer of P&G Japan, promoted the transformation of the business model as a business representative of the home appliances business centered on BRAUN.

Yuichiro Masui

Bloom&Co., CTO
Toreta, Inc, Co-founder
Miil, Inc, Co-founder
BigCanvas, Inc, Co-founder

Founded a web production company in 1999 while studying at university. After working as a freelance engineer, he moved to the United States in 2008 and founded Big Canvas, Inc. in Seattle. Released the world's first photo sharing SNS iPhone app. Founded Present Mile Co., Ltd. in 2011 and Treta Co., Ltd. in 2013. Participated in Bloom & Co. in July 2019. He is the author of several books such as "The Ruby Technician Certification Examination Textbook Silver/Gold Ruby Official Qualification Textbook".

Nobu Takenaka

Bloom&Co., Director
QUANTUM, Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Brand Manager

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. Joined P&G. After developing new products and advertising for Fabry's North American, Japanese and ASEAN markets as a brand manager in Kobe and Singapore, BtoB new business for North America as QUANTUM Inc. Marketing Director (Tokyo, Silicon Valley) Participated in Bloom&Co. after marketing. At Bloom&Co., he works as a marketing advisory for growth branding product development in a wide range of industries such as BtoB SaaS, FinTech, automobile, FMCG, and BtoC application. Research Fellow, Kyushu University (concurrent post)

Rie Ito

Bloom&Co., Director
Procter & Gamble, Consumer & Market Knowledge

Joined P&G after graduating from the Faculty of Law, Keio University. For 12 years, she was in charge of consumer & market knowledge (consumer & market strategy headquarters) to understand the consumer / market to grow the brand. We carry out a wide range of activities, from market analysis and sales forecasts when new products are sold, to qualitative research to deepen user insights for marketing strategy formulation. In charge of various categories such as Whisper, h&s, Pringles, Brown, Brown Oral-B, Imus, and Gillette. After leaving P&G, participated in the launch of the DeNA Research Department. Responsible for creating a system for reflecting surveys in business and developing human resources. From 2018, she has been in charge of strategic research design and execution lead for strategy formulation from startups to large companies at Bloom&Co.

Takaomi Miyamoto

Bloom&Co., CGTMO
Amazon Japan, Health&Personal care/Beauty Director
Heinz Japan, Category Development/Corporate Strategy
Procter & Gamble, Customer Business Development

Joined P&G Japan in 1997. As a head of sales strategy, he lead various brands including Fabreeze, BRAUN, Oral-B, Iams, and Pringles, and developed strategies for various sales channels. Since 2011, he has been in charge of company-wide management and sales strategies at Heinz Japan. Participated in Amazon Japan since 2014. After working as liquor and Amazon Pantry business division manager, was in charge of health & personal care beauty business as director of business division of consumer goods business division. Since 2020, he has been appointed Bloom&Co. CGTMO (Chief Go-to-market Officer).

Satoko Toyoura

Bloom&Co., Director
Schick / Cooper Vision, Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Brand Manager

After experiencing Whisper and Vidal Sassoon's marketing at P&G, she led the development of Ariel and P&G brands not yet released in Japan as a brand manager. Experienced in creating brand names, concepts and product strategies for Japanese consumers, to creating G2M strategies and executing plans. After that, she led the business of razors for women, razors for men, and shaving agents at Schick Japan, and set a new record of market share. Most recently, she was the marketing director for Cooper Vision Japan, leading B-to-B-to-C marketing of medical devices from brand marketing to academics.

Tomoko Uchiho

Bloom&Co., Director
NIHON L'ORÉAL, Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Brand Manager

Graduated from the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University. Joined P&G. After experiencing brand management for Japan at Max Factor and Lenor, she was in charge of SK-II global. She lead the worldwide brand marketing such as identifying global consumer insights and developing global product innovation design, resulting in a brand turn around. After that, she was the marketing director of Maybelline New York at L'Oreal and lead the total rebranding of the #1 make up brand. She has extensive experience in marketing and branding in the beauty category. Lived in Seattle, Singapore, India. At Bloom&Co. is in charge of marketing advisory from large companies to startups.

Satoko Matsui

Bloom&Co., Director
NIHON L'ORÉAL, Marketing Director
Procter & Gamble, Marketing

Graduated from Osaka City University, Faculty of Commerce. Joined P&G. Experienced a wide range of categories such as SK-II, Lenoir, and BRAUN. At SK-II, we have led the development of new products for the entire global region and contributed to the V-shaped recovery of the line in charge. After that, at L'Oreal Japan, she held marketing, CRM, and digital management of prestige brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani Beauty, and Helena Rubinstein. Achieved rapid brand growth and V-shaped sales recovery. Leading Clarisonic Japan as Marketing & Sales Director. Bloom&Co. is in charge of marketing advisory from large companies to startups.

Hazuki Naganobu

DeNA, Market & Consumer research

Joined DeNA Co., Ltd. after completing a master's degree in ethics at Tsukuba Graduate School. As the Market Research Department of Marketing Headquarters, it conducts more than 100 qualitative/quantitative surveys mainly for mobile games and Mobage platforms in one year. From the second year, as a research team leader specializing in new businesses, we have been conducting qualitative and quantitative research on MYCODE, a genetic testing service, SHOWROOM, an entertainment service, and Anyca, a car sharing service. Joined Bloom & Co. in 2017. In addition to research design and execution lead for strategy formulation, she is mainly in charge of marketing advisory for start-up companies by utilizing her extensive research experience of digital services.

Saki Yamanaka

Procter & Gamble, Finance & Marketing

Joined P&G after graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University. Experienced in factory cost reduction, capital investment analysis, and mid- to long-term business strategy planning of Wella, a hair care brand for salons. After that, as a marketing manager for Wella at COTY, she planned new product development for the entire global area and promoted existing brands in the Japanese market, achieving a V-shaped recovery in sales. In recent years, as a freelance, she has been responsible for planning marketing strategies for a wide range of companies such as food, tableware, cosmetics, SNS applications, and has developed a comprehensive plan for online/offline. Participated in Bloom&Co. from October 2019.

Ross Thorburn

Grab, Singapore
Facebook, Menlo Park, CA

Ross joined Bloom in 2019 to focus on growth and venture development. Ross’s past experience includes working for Grab in Singapore, where he worked on product marketing for the Grab Financial and Grab Ventures teams. Before that, Ross worked for Facebook in Menlo Park, CA where he worked on product marketing for business and developer platform products. Ross also previously interned with Microsoft and Amazon in Redmond, WA and Europe respectively. Ross holds a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University with a double major in Economics and Political Science, and a minor in Computer Science.

Jen Lee

United Communication Group, Taiwan

A social media coordinator from Taipei, Taiwan. Joined Bloom in 2019. Focus on advising the Mandarin-speaking markets. Jen had experience working in the hospitality industry at a multicultural hotel management company - NISADE in Hokkaido, Japan. With previous experience in one of the biggest digital agencies - Uni-Surf Digital in Taipei, Taiwan, managing FMCG clients and specializing in KOLs, social media marketing, and customer insights. Obtained a master’s degree in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster, United Kingdom.

Takayuki Fukatsu

THE GUILD CEO / Designer / Engineer

After studying product design in London when he was a university student, he joined the design studio "tha ltd." in 2005. After that, he became independent and established "Art&Mobile" with the success of the photo app. In 2013, he oversaw freelance designers and engineers and established the production team "THE GUILD" specializing in smartphones and UI. Currently active in a wide range of areas from application development to advertising and art.

Kensuke Murashima

Minerva Growth Partners / Managing Partner

After engaging in new business development and corporate venture capital focused in the technology sector in Japan and overseas at Mitsubishi Corporation, Ken joined Morgan Stanley in 2007. Since then, he has been solely in the technology investment banking business in its Tokyo and Silicon Valley (Menlo Park) offices with focuses on financing of public and private companies, IPO, and on M&A and strategic investment advisory. He led a series of landmark IPO transactions including LINE, Mercari, Raksul and freee as Head of Japan for Morgan Stanley's Global Internet Banking and Global Software Banking Group. Ken is one of four founding partners of Minerva Growth Partners which is a technology-focused growth equity fund.

Nobuaki Chonan

Former Partner of Shin Nihon LLC, Strategic Markets Division IPO Group Partner Certified Public Accountant Certified Public Accountant IFRS Promotion

Certified Public Accountant. In 2008, he became a partner of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC. Mainly engaged in initial public offering, succession of unlisted companies, reorganization of unlisted and listed companies, and audit of financial statements. In July 2015, retired as a partner of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC. Japan Certified Public Accountants Association Tax Investigation Committee member, Research Committee member on class shares issued by unlisted companies, Committee members 1 and 2 of the council on measures to restore and activate credibility in emerging markets, investment-type crowdfunding He has been a member of the review meeting committee. Outside director of bitFlyer Co., Ltd. since August 2015.

Ayako Fukuyoshi


After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University, joined P&G. At Consumer & Market Knowledge (Consumer & Market Strategy Headquarters), we understand target customers such as Fabry's, Wella Professional, Pantene, SK-II, market analysis, concept/product development, sales forecast, store development, effect measurement, etc. Has been in charge of various research and analysis for about 15 years. She also serves as a training leader for qualitative research in P&G Asia. From 2016, she became independent as a marketing research consultant who not only conducts qualitative survey interviews as a moderator but also collectively conducts survey design/actual survey and analysis including qualitative/quantitative analysis. Customers range from large companies to startups, and more than 10,000 people have been interviewed in qualitative research so far.

Minoru Sako


Joined design production business architects inc. in 2004. In charge of advertising creative for Japan's largest client, engaged in many brand designs centered on the Web. Since 2008, he has been active as a minsak, and has worked on various brands such as directors, designers, and developers to create creative brands regardless of genre. He has won numerous domestic and international advertising awards such as the Cannes International Advertising Award, ONE SHOW, CLIO Awards, Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival, and Good Design Award. He also deals with many prestige brands such as Cartier and Hermes.

Taiki Ikeda

UI Designer

Worked as a web designer for four years in Australia and Taiwan while studying at a university. From 2014, we moved our base to Tokyo, and started digital news service "LUCRA" and renewal of cosmetics word-of-mouth app "LIPS" to grow digital services of various businesses centered on startup based on UI design. Contribution. We practice "design that produces results with numbers" to extract KPIs from medium- to long-term business strategies and to achieve them by effectively and quickly updating products. Participated in Bloom & Co. in March 2020 to strengthen marketing and branding strategy formulation and execution from the UX perspective.

Hiromi Akasaka

Procter & Gamble, PR

In P&G, she leads a wide range of store designs and campaign planning from low-priced daily necessities to high-priced cosmetics, electric razors, and toothbrushes. After that, at SK-II, as a PR manager, she led PR strategies including digital media, traditional media, and media such as influencers, campaigns, and new product announcements. The story development that found a "new and unique perspective" for the market and consumers was highly evaluated, and received many beauty awards including the annual Grand Prix of major media. In addition, we have contributed to double-digit growth of the brand for several years by promoting and implementing the digital shift of the PR strategy. Bloom&Co. is mainly in charge of PR strategy.



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