A talented executive team with hands-on execution experience.

Bloom&Co.'s advisory team has extensive practical experience formulating and implementing growth strategies and building high performing teams at operating companies for over 15 years. Consequently, our executives have a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and practical reality faced by management as they strive to grow their customer base. To drive profitability and sustainable business growth, organisations must develop a deep understanding of target customer segments and leverage company strengths to develop a winning proposition, as opposed to simply focusing on marketing and advertising investment. Our management team has over 15 years experience immersed in hands-on execution processes at global businesses, from growth strategy development to making tactical decisions about the best implementation methods. As such, we are able to dive deep into the problems facing our customers and partner with management through ongoing analysis and execution to deliver the result. We also focus on enabling your team to continue to deliver post-engagement. We operate in both English and Japanese to support both Japanese and global customers.

Discovering value propositions that drive growth

A strong value proposition is critical for businesses to be chosen by customers among a large consideration set. Moreover, developing a strong value proposition has the potential to dramatically expand the total addressable market (TAM), the maximum potential opportunity for the business. Through building a product with a winning value proposition and defining clear and concise messaging to communicate the benefit to target customers, businesses can create a sustainable competitive advantage that leads to sales growth over the long-term.

Digital ✕ Global

There are three critical pillars for scaling business growth: marketing, digital and global. At Bloom&Co., we leverage customer-insight driven marketing based on data-driven research, the latest digital technology and knowledge from experience supporting over 100 startups, and global expansion including Japan and Asia market entry to deliver comprehensive business growth. We strive to develop unique customer insights, create winning value propositions and leverage the latest technology and go-to-market capabilities to enable seamless business expansion and customer growth.

The best partner to turn your strategy into results.

Strategy alone is effectively theory and unable to deliver results without the supporting execution. Bloom&Co. supports customers to develop practical strategies that can be implemented with precision. Moreover, leveraging our partner network, we assemble the optimal team to execute the desired strategy in market. We collaborate with experts in each market where we operate to ensure we have the right insights and execution capabilities to deliver results for our clients. Once we have assembled the right team for the project, we then partner with management to deliver the strategy through ongoing implementation, analysis and iteration.

Tools and team building to deliver sustainable growth

Sustained customer growth is critical for business success, as opposed to a temporary boost from short-term initiatives. Bloom&Co. believes that driving ongoing results over the medium to long term should be the key focus of performance; through a combination of products developed in-house and best-in-class digital technologies, we offer a set of tools to help our customers continue to achieve their goals over time.



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